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Why Immigration Bail Bonds are Vital

The US constitution and law is very strict on matters involving immigration. There have already been many instances where individuals stay in the US after their visa lapses or after they break their authorized limits to remain in the US. When this happens, the department of Immigration and Customs or Homeland Security can put you in detention or arrest you. It is cases like this that you can apply for an immigration bail bond.

The immigration bond is a legal option taken by someone in immigration detention to procure their release. Typically, it is the bond bureaus who are licensed in releasing a person accused in these cases that do the needful. However, you should know that getting bail isn’t the same as obtaining the charges dropped. You still have to use legal means to obtain citizenship status in The US. The immigration bond gives you the ability to get out of jail while the case is still going on. After you are released, you still need to report to the immigration officials and appear before the court when needed.

It is not everyone who has immigration charges against them that gets a bail bond for immigration charges. Those who’ve served a prison sentence before for an offense committed may be deemed illegible to make an application for the immigration bond. Additionally, there are people who are regarded as a menace to national security or their communities, and they are not qualified to submit an application for the immigration bonds.
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People who are charged with immigration charges by the ICE have two alternatives. They can either choose the delivery bond or the voluntary departure bond. The delivery bond is given to an individual who is under the ICE detention accused of being in the States illegally. It’s given to individuals on condition that the person will attend all the immigration hearings. You have to have a notice of custody conditions and an arrest warrant if you would like to apply for this type of immigration bond. The voluntary departure bond allows the persons who are detained to leave the country in a specified time frame and at their own cost. The departure bond that the detainee pays to the ICE is only refundable after one departs the nation. However one forfeits the money if they do not leave.
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The amount paid in immigration bonds is set by the ICE or a judge who handles immigration cases. The total amount one pays depends on many factors which include; the person’s criminal record, the immigration status of the detainee and the employment status of the person. They could set the bail amount in a very high amount like $10000 if the judge determines that releasing you might be risky.