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Top Haunted Attractions in Maryland Haunted attractions in Maryland offer one of the scariest Halloween experiences for those looking for terrifying moments. Every year, guests are treated to more creepy experiences in haunted houses, haunted forest trails, haunted corn mazes and haunted hayrides. Whether you want to experience a combination of fear-filled or nerve-racking haunts, ghostly figures or horrific screams, there is no better place to enjoy haunted attractions than in Maryland. You can find more haunted houses in Maryland than any other state. Below are some of Maryland’s renowned haunted attractions that you should visit. Bennett’s Curse is a renowned haunted house located in Jessup, Maryland. This popular and legendary haunted attraction has a total of three terrifying houses under one roof ready to drive you to the abyss of madness. The three haunted houses include the epic Zombie Kingdom that offers scary experiences in 3D, the epic and terrifying House of Vampires and the unending Sanctuary of Insanity. The combined experience offers more characters, film quality props, sets, haunted themes and a great collection of gigantic monsters that no other haunted attraction offers. Be ready to experience flesh-hungry zombies in 3D, disturbing haunts in medieval settings, mind-bending madness, dungeons of death and the craziest haunting scenes. Creepywoods Haunted Forest is Maryland’s most popular haunted trail in Kingsville area. The revamped trail is ridden with new scenes of pure horror that leave you with scary nightmares. Wait to be taken through the hallmarks of chilling madness to the edge of insanity that drove a once peaceful village of people into crazy zombies, evil humans and deformed creatures that are driven by death. The forest trail unleashes pure terror with ghostly figures, a pack of bloodthirsty werewolves, gigantic creatures and others waiting to summon your courage and tempt your fate on arrival.
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Sinister Crops is the ultimate haunted corn maze attraction in all of Maryland. It’s located in Boyds, Maryland and based on the legend of the cursed farm. The legend has been told for many years and still lives on. The famous ‘Don’t go past that post, and never go into that corn’, is the story that every grandmother told. In the dead of the night, guests get a test of their bravery through the corn maze and experience sinister ghosts that lurk in the fields of corn. The adventurous maze of horror tests your real ability to survive falling victim to the horrifying ghosts of the legendary farm. Guests experience evil madness as they see what cannot be seen in the maze.
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Nightmare Screamplex is the ultimate haunted scream park and the only one in Maryland. Located in Boyds area, Maryland, the park is very popular for its long history and reference to dark evils that lurk in the forest. The scream park takes you through the haunting experiences of a village terrorized for hundreds of years by unearthly creatures in the forest. Get to know why village kids were always warned to never go near the edge of the forest. The park’s Lost Asylum offers a maze of terror that will drive you through chilling screams and mysterious creatures that will spin you out of control. These locations are some of the unique haunted attractions in Maryland that you should try out this fall.