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Learning The “Secrets” of Gear

Tips to Help You Shop for Camping Gear

As you pack for a trip of any length, you may have that fear that you will overlook something. Getting camping gear together can be more stressful than packing for other trips for the reason that various kinds of outdoor equipment are important and hard to replace.

Before purchasing outdoor equipment and camping supplies, look into this basic checklist. Certainly, added items will improve your experience, but these essentials will get you started:

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A good tent is a very significant camping equipment purchase. First consider size and weight. A lighter tent is good if you are backpacking. Three-season tents often range from 4 pounds to 9 pounds. Design is also a factor. Poles, canopy and rain fly are the three main components of tents. The design dictates how they are arranged. Third, consider the time of year. Convertible tents are great any time of year; summer tents aren’t that versatile if the temperature dips; mountaineering tents are made to handle extreme changes in temperature; and the very popular three-season tents are great for spring, summer and fall.
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Sleeping Bags

A down-filled sleeping bag will be a bit more expensive but will also be two to three times more durable compared to synthetic-filled sleeping bags. Down sleeping bags are really soft, with an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio. Hoods add a lot of warmth around the head, and draft collars will keep heat around the neck from escaping.


More outdoor gear in your backpack means it will be weightier. Frames should not feel comfortable to your hip bones. Some backpacks have a frame sheet across the back. A good backpack will stay flexible, can shift weight effectively and has a quality back panel that relieves discomfort in the back. Some panels come with grooves for air flow, while others make use of reticulated foam.


Great choices are cast-iron cookware, camp stoves, and fire cooking accessories. With modern camp stoves, you can prepare meals as though you were having a backyard cookout. Some features to look for are push-button ignition, self-cleaning fuel jets, and flame-control adjusters. Cooking over a fire can be very easy, and the outcome can be just awesome. For quick and enjoyable outdoor cooking, Dutch ovens and solar ovens are also great choices.

Camping Gear

A lot of camp chairs come with drink holders and arm rests so things can stay convenient even when you’re “roughing it.” The warmth of a heater and a camp cot will also be very useful. Lastly, remember to pack a first-aid kit. Even seemingly insignificant injuries can require special care when you’re outdoors. Whether you’re buying all of these online or from a brick and mortar store, don’t forget to compare different brands.