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Seven Reasons Why Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

Every business must have a mobile website. As everybody is following the smart trend, mobile phones are becoming the most popular means of accessing the internet. Therefore, since everyone is surfing through a mobile device, all businesses must have mobile friendly website designs.

Here are some reasons to opt for mobile-friendly sites:

Most people use a smartphone
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Four out of five people access the web through a smartphone. About 1.2 billion people in the world use smartphones to access the internet. These gadgets are a major source of web traffic, so it is important to have your website optimized for smartphones.
5 Uses For Companies

Mobile produces traffic

With around half of all web searches being done through mobile phones, mobile websites have become as crucial as desktop sites. A variety of studies have shown that many people browse the web through smartphones no matter how busy they’re with other activities. Taking all these studies into consideration, it’s a high time for businesses to have mobile-friendly websites.

More straightforward SEO strategy

It is unnecessary to create a separate mobile site. Having the same site makes your SEO strategy easier. Including mobile-specific search terms like ‘nearby’ in your SEO strategy can be enough to cover your SEO efforts for both the mobile and main site.

Mobile phone users behave differently

People who surf the web using cell phones might have different motivations to those of desktop users. Mobile device users tend to look for easy-to-understand and quick information. Various surveys have indicated that mobile users are likely to shop and make more impulse purchases than desktop users.

That’s why it’s absolutely important to have your website optimized for different platforms to meet the demands of customers. Once your site is mobile-optimized, it will definitely allow users to purchase easily.

Interest in your brand

If you provide a greater mobile experience, users will fall for your brand and come back to your site again and again. People often check products on mobile devices and access the same site via a desktop. You will create attraction and trust with site visitors if you give them an enhanced experience with a mobile-friendly site.

Google is in favor of mobile sites

If a website is not mobile-friendly, Google might not deem it a genuine search result. Google has a principle that states that a site that isn’t mobile-friendly shouldn’t come up in search results. Google aims to increase search traffic including mobile traffic.

Mobile sites are crucial for social media marketing efforts

People tend to access their social media accounts on mobile phones instead of desktops. If you’ve not optimized your website for mobile phones, it will severely limit your social media marketing campaigns because most conversions occur on mobile devices. In order to take advantage of social media for marketing, a well-designed mobile site is essential.