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A Short Talk on Wilderness International

Wilderness International is a non-profit organization founded in January of 2005 and having the slogan of Conservation through Active Participation. It is currently serving Western and Central Oregon, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho. The organization operates from funds that come from a combination of donations from members, governmental grants and organizational sponsorship.

Project Types

Five project types the organization participates in include Community Environmental Education, Community Conservation, Church and Community Partnerships, At-Risk Youth Development, and Outdoor Adventures. The primary goal of these projects is to provide everyone the opportunity to connect with God by means of his creations.
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Conservation Projects
Wilderness International, as an organization, has initiated and performed several community conservation projects. Few of the projects it has conducted are Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Molalla River-Table Rock Recreation Area, Meldrum Bar Park and Cross Park.
Goals for Conservation
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The Christian organization is being motivated and fired up with several conservation. The first one is to allow people in every local community to become aware of the benefits of having a healthy ecosystem. That is the reason why it encourages more involvement from community for its conservation projects. Next, it desires to preserve and/or enhance watershed health ad native habitat by way of removing invasive plants and bringing back of native vegetation. It also purposes to construct more number of education kiosks, trails, protective fencing and campground facilities. Next, the organization purposes to aid in the reduction of wildfire by way of reducing fuels. Finally, it desires to improve food and shelter opportunities for native wildlife populations.

Nature Adventures

Another way by which the organization is able to realize its goal of improving the quality of relationship that everyone has with their creator is through holding a wide variety of fun outdoor activities. Members of churches, youth organization, as well as of the local community sectors are both encouraged and invited to join in said activities. Hiking, hunting, backpacking and rafting are just among the activities included in the list of those being held by the organization. With the participation of several groups, it is expected that many of the goals of the organization can be achieved.

The organization is also setting a focus on youth development. In most communities, youth is a part of public and community offenders. The organization is in active participation with community programs and activities that desire to help youths that are at-risk and aid them to full development. With the said activities, the youths are provided with the opportunity to be of service to its community by means of rendering community services hours and find a way to make money. Even more, the mentioned projects are meant to give youths more chances of improving themselves to become more ready for work and earning money. By far, this is in line with its aim for conservation.