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Choosing the Best Turntable. A lot of debates are going around the turntable communities on which turntable is better, the new ones or the old? Regardless of the differences, the opposite sides cited some facts to assist turntables neophytes to select from the vast selection of turntables. First: Latest turntables are more expensive than the old ones. Old turntables can apparently be sold very cheap and sometimes can come down to be free, if handed down from a friend of from a family member. High-end old turntables unused by old people since the late 80s are not aware of the true value of the item and be happily to sell it for as low as 20 dollars. Newer version turntables are beyond 500 dollars, so, if you’re looking for a turntable around that budget, it is most likely the turntable you’re going to get is an old version turntable. Some turntables are unable to perform up to the standard that they are supposed to; something to keep in mind when spending your resources. Finding old turn tables to listen to is very difficult nowadays, but be very vigilant before transacting into the 5000 dollar bracket without having to experience it, first hand. Secondly, the quality of the sound is an individual inclination. Plastic models today are most likely to be inferior to the old turntables whose builds are a bit more costly than the average. During the peak of Vinyl records, companies made high quality turn tables in order to compete with everyone and in order to have high incentives among other companies. Now, the competition has calmed down and only a few companies are battling it out, but nevertheless, they still ensure the quality of their products. Older versions of the turntables have a “warm” sound while the younger versions have a “clearer” sound. Basically, every turntable differs from one another, that is why you should always try and listen to the chosen turntable before buying.
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Third of all, new turntables are more favourable than the older versions. This is mostly ignored by turntable neophytes. Experienced repairman of old turntables will not usually deal with so many brands, rather they only have their own selections and their specialized brand. Because turn tables are so delicate and difficult machineries, a person will need a large amount of time experiencing the machine in order to properly repair one. Good condition old turn tables are still a great purchase, because they only require very little tuning in order to sound good and new again. Old turntables are not getting any younger though. Thus, most of the turntables available in the market now is at more or less 50 to 60 years old Most of these turntables, even the high-end ones have a consistent problem in them that will most likely need some attention.If You Think You Understand Entertainment, Then Read This