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Best Haunted Attraction: Expectations and Activities

It is so fun spending the Halloween in an amazing haunted attraction that mimics the experience of entering into a haunted house that might be dwell by ghost, witches, monsters, serial characters and other humorous characters. The locations of haunted attractions may include abandoned or haunted houses, abandoned or dilapidated, also cornfields or corn mazes, farms or farmhouses, hedge mazes, forests or wooden areas, defunct or old prisons, abandoned asylums, abandoned ships or boats, active or abandoned amusement parks, abandoned shopping malls, and abandoned factories. Haunted attractions use intense scenes of torment, terror, mischief, crime or comedy, and use background sound effects, intense lighting and horror Halloween effects using fog machines, black lights, scent dispensers, air blasters, gory images, old antiques. Haunted attraction actors and actresses perform various skits such as jumping and hiding out unexpectedly to shock, scare, disturb, amuse and surprise customers.

Haunted attractions operate daily or in weekends of late September or early October or November. Some haunted attractions operate all year round, and there are few that open during a special occasion. As mentioned above, there are different types of haunted attractions, so let us discuss each type to increase our knowledge and understanding on what we should expect in a haunted attraction.

A haunted attraction usually comes in haunted houses, haunted mansion or haunted castle, and these are always indoors, with various experiences of intense animatronics, frightening and bloody set pieces, scary music, rustic antiques, fog, dynamic lighting, with costumed actors. A haunted forest or haunted trail takes place outside the woods, theme park or any outside venue, that usually a mile long and it may include small huts or buildings, a haunted cornfield, with lit paths and roped off areas, and clown maze. The operation of a haunted trail or forest is usually determined by the weather and the demand or pacing of customers, and some have tour guides while some allow visitors to just walk alone.

A haunted farm is held in an agricultural-entertainment location such as a large piece of land, or a hayride on a farm, wherein visitors climb on a wagon which is filled with hay-bales or hay, and then driven into the a deep dark woods, navigating through brush, narrow paths, cornfields and barns. A sound system attached to a tractor or a wagon, and some have face painting, live shows, fun characters or sale of vegetables, and the actual event lasts about ten to forty-five minutes. Haunted theme amusement parks involve costumed monsters roaming around to scare customers and actors slide on the ground with kneecaps making a scraping noise. Come and visit us, enjoy and experience the haunted attractions in Maryland like no other.