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The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Events

Join New York’s New Year’s Eve Party at Times Square

It is a well known observation that the festive New Year’s Eve party in the beautiful city of New York is the largest and most festive celebration all over the world. Every December 31st, people from all over head to Times Square, the crossroads of America, to witness the ball drop which marks the arrival of the New Year.

Despite having millions of visitors to the city in order to join the festivities for the New Year, billions are also watching on the television or computers all over the world, the events that are to take place at midnight. Being there live is on many people’s bucket list and if you are not living in the New York area this would mean taking a trip there. So, instead of using commercial travel, why not kick that trip up a notch and charter your very own jet to get you there in style?

You follow your own schedule when you charter a flight and you skip all the security lines too. Flying in a charter jet flight is very convenient and comfortable because there is plenty of leg, head, and elbow room, and in this style you will arrive in New York to join the festivities at Times Square, the ball drop.

As early as 1904 people already started to gather in New York, but it was not until 1907 that the first ball was dropped. The first ball had a diameter of 5 feet and was made of wood and iron and had a hundred 25 watt bulbs for decoration. This ball weighed 700 pounds and would be the first of seven such balls redesigned throughout the years.

Today, you will see the New Year’s Eve ball all year long sitting atop One Times Square. The weight of the New Year’s eve ball today is 6 tons and its diameter is 12 feet, and they don’t use the 25 watt bulbs anymore but instead, it is decorated with 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles and illuminated with 32,000 Philips Luxeon LEDs.

IF you are planning to attend the festivities, be reminded that it is an all evening affair. Hours before the ball is dropped to signal the start of the new year, they have a ceremony to light and raise the ball, and there are various performances before the midnight hour too. To add to the fun, when the clock strikes midnight and the ball drops, one ton of confetti is dropped onto the revelers. It is great watching this on television but it is another thing to be there and to witness the fun and excitement of it all.

So if you have chartered a jet to the renowned city of New York that fast and stress free, you not only enjoyed the festivities but the travel to and from as well.